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 1. Nolan Ryan Property Protected by the Sentricon Colony Elimination System

 2. GCA Testimonial Letter

 3. Center for the Arts & Sciences Testimonial Letter

 4. Lake Jackson Customer Testimonial Letter

 5. Brazoria County Commercial Clients Protected by the Sentricon Colony
     Elimination  System        

 6. Key National Sites Protected by the Sentricon Colony Elimination System
 Testimonial Letter - Nolan Ryan

Killum Pest Control is privileged to provide pest and termite control service for the Alvin residence of Nolan Ryan. In a testimonial letter, Nolan wrote, "Killum Pest Control has been our residential exterminating company for the past five years. After trying other companies and methods of pest control, we switched to the courteous and professional services of the folks at Killum. They were able to solve our termite problem with the Sentricon method, and we have been totally pleased with the results. They also service our residence on a quarterly basis and are always dependable, friendly and willing to answer questions or solve any problems related to insects, rodents or other pests. We would highly recommend the reliable and expert services of Killum Pest Control. "   
Testimonial Letter - GCA
GCA Services Group manages 10 campuses of the Houston Independent School District. After researching potential suppliers, they selected Killum Pest Control to provide as their pest control contractor. click here to read the full testimonial. 
Testimonial Letter - Center for the Arts & Sciences

Termite control and repairs due to termite damage  were ongoing challenges at the Center for the Arts & Sciences. Swarming termites appeared every spring for many years. Other treatment services had been ineffective in eliminating the problem, until we hired Killum Pest Control. The first spring season after installation of the Sentricon system, was the first spring without swarming termites in over 15 years and the first with no building repairs from termite damage. The system works beautifully and the people at Killum are professional and great to work with. Orren Gaspard Administrator Center for the Arts & Sciences
Testimonial Letter - Lake Jackson Customer

       My name is Jessica MacDonald, My husband and I have been customers since we bought our home in Lake Jackson three years ago. Although our home is in a nice established neighborhood, we have had a few extra visitors along the way. Needless to say, when we bought it, someone forgot to tell us about the racoons and bats living in the attic or the roach/carpenter ant/mouse/flea problem associated with living near a wooded area. We have called Killum for all of the above and probably a few pests I'm forgetting. On every occassion, we have had an appointment within a week of calling, if not sooner, which is a comfort when you're dealing with unwanted visitors. In addition, your technicians are some of the friendliest I've ever met. They are extremely informative, knowledgable and always have suggestions for prevention or "do it yourself" alternatives. I wish all businesses had this kind of customer service! I know that something like bat removal can't be at the top of someone's list as "something I'd love to do today," but your technician arrived with a smile, made jokes to ease the creepiness of knowing that bats were living in our attic and completely took care of the problem. (Thank goodness!) I had the same experience with a technician that came out a few weeks ago to help us with a mouse problem. He was great and had a great sense of humor and since then, our rodents have not given us any more trouble.
I just want to say that your company has done a phenomenal job training your technicians and your customer service is top notch. We will continue to use Killum and recommend your company to others.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy Customer,

Jessica MacDonald
Lake Jackson, TX

Brazoria County Commercial Clients Protected by the Sentricon Colony Elimination System

Below are some of the commercial clients in Brazoria County who we have protected with the Sentricon Colony Elimination System:

A.W.C. (Freeport) H&R Block (Brazoria)
A1 Vacuum (Clute) Holy Comforter Church (Angleton)
Angleton-Danbury Hospital (Angleton) J.C. Penny’s (Lake Jackson)
Angleton Times (Angleton) Kemco Services (Lake Jackson)
Angleton Veterinary Clinic (Angleton) L.J. Professional Center (Lake Jackson)
B.A.C.H. (Angleton) Lake Jackson City Hall
Blue Water Courts (Surfside) McDonald’s (Freeport)
Brazoria County Fair Grounds (Angleton) Medical Center Clinic (Angleton)
Brazoria County Museum (Angleton) Medical Center Pharmacy (Angleton)
Brazos M&E (Clute) Medicine Man Pharmacy (Angleton)
Brazosport Chamber of Commerce (Clute) Merrill Lynch (Lake Jackson)
Brazosport Fine Arts Center (Clute) Nolan Ryan’s House (Alvin)
Brazosport Medical Building (Lake Jackson) Northway Baptist Church (Angleton)
Brazoswood National Bank (Richwood) On The River (Freeport)
Brazosport Regional Healthcare System (Lake Jackson) Popeye’s (Angleton)
Carriage Inn (Lake Jackson) Port of Freeport (Freeport)
C.B.I.S.D. Bus Barn (West Columbia) Quality Turf Farms (West Columbia)
Chateau Royal Apartments (Angleton) Ramada Inn (Lake Jackson)
Children’s Garden (Lake Jackson) Rice Law Office (Angleton)
Children’s Garden – Big Kids (Lake Jackson) Richwood City Hall (Richwood)
Church of Christ (Angleton) S. F. Sulfur (Freeport)
Church of Christ (Clute) San Bernard Wild Life Refuge (Brazoria)
Clute City Hall (Clute) Sears (Lake Jackson)
Clute Fire Department (Clute) Second Baptist Church (Angleton)
Coastal Physicians (Lake Jackson) Something Special (Angleton)
Don Juan’s Hair Designs (Lake Jackson) Sonic (Freeport)
Dr. Harris’s Office (Lake Jackson) St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church (Churchill)
EPD (Angleton) St. Mark Lutheran Church (Lake Jackson)
First Baptist Church (Churchill) State Farm Insurance (Brazoria)
First United Methodist Church (Angleton) Texas Dow Employees Credit Union (Lake Jackson)
First United Methodist Church (Lake Jackson) Texas Gulf Bank (Clute)
Gilbert & Moore (Angleton) Tri-Construction Company, Inc. (Freeport)
Gulf Coast Auto (Clute) United Pentecostal Church (Clute)
Gulf Coast Legal Foundation (Angleton) West Columbia Elementary (West Columbia)
Gulf Coast Plastic Surgery (Lake Jackson) West Columbia High School (West Columbia)
Wholesale Electric (Clute) Wild Peach Vet Clinic (Brazoria)
Windswept Seafood Restaurant (Oyster Creek)  

Key National Sites Protected by the Sentricon Colony Elimination System

The White House

Sentricon System Is At Work Around The White House Subterranean termites were discovered in the West Wing of the White House in 1998, when termites swarmed just 30 feet from the Oval Office. The termites entered the White House through a small crack in the foundation. Though no major structural damage was found, damage was discovered under a window and in the baseboard nearby where the termites had swarmed. Immediate action was needed to protect the structure from future termite damage.

A local Authorized Operator installed the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System at the White House to eliminate the termite colony and permanently protect the structure from future termite attacks. The Sentricon System was installed with in-ground stations strategically placed around the entire perimeter of the structure. Recruit™ AG bait stations, the above ground component of the Sentricon System, were also installed in the area inside the White House where the termites were discovered.

Termites actively fed on the Recruit AG bait stations inside the White House where the damage was found, and on the Recruit II termite bait in the in-ground Sentricon System stations around the White House. Rest assured…the Sentricon System never sleeps while protecting the White House from future termite invasions.

Statue of Liberty

Sentricon System Eliminates Termites From Statue of Liberty The inscription on the Statue of Liberty states, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses." It says nothing about subterranean termites. Prior to 1996, termites in the Statue of Liberty Monument had been a concern for National Park Service officials. In fact, termites were so troublesome at one time, the museum area of the monument in New York Harbor was temporarily closed to visitors. Thanks to the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, termites stopped swarming and were eliminated from one of the world's most recognized and revered structures. The most severe infestations were at the base of the monument that houses the museum and utility rooms. Sentricon stations were installed in the ground around the base of the statue and Recruit™ AG stations were placed around the wooden display cases. Once termites infested the stations, termite bait was introduced to eliminate the termite colony. Rest assured… the Sentricon System never sleeps while protecting "Lady Liberty" for history.

Independence Hall (Philadelphia)

Sentricon System Eliminates Termites From Statue of Liberty The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System was installed at Independence Hall in 1999 as a preventative measure to protect the building from known subterranean termite activity in the area. During the first monitoring check by a local Authorized Operator (AO), subterranean termites were discovered in Sentricon stations in the historic Independence Mall courtyard. The AO transferred the termites found in the monitoring devices into Baitube™ devices containing Recruit™ II termite bait, and placed them into the Sentricon stations. Auxiliary stations were also installed in close proximity to the baited stations. Termites were discovered feasting on the auxiliary stations during the next inspection, and the baiting process was once again initiated. Termites continued to feed on the Recruit II termite bait. In September of 1999, termite activity ceased, indicating the attacking termite colony was eliminated. The Sentricon System is now in monitoring mode, waiting to detect the possibility of new termite activity in the area around Independence Hall, and to protect it for history.

Mount Vernon Estate (Geo. Washington's Residence / Virginia)

MOUNT VERNON, Va., June 20, 2001 – Mount Vernon, George Washington's Estate & Gardens, is a vital part of United States history, but unfortunately, even national treasures are susceptible to destructive termites. Subterranean termites are a year-round problem throughout most of the United States. The Washington, D.C., area is no exception, with one out of 27 homes having a termite problem. Nationally, termites cause more than $2 billion in treatment and repair costs each year.

With termite swarming season in full swing in the Washington, D.C., area, George Washington's Mount Vernon is now being protected by an innovative termite technology that has been installed to protect the structure for years to come. The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System is now protecting this important historical property.

"The termite problem at Mount Vernon is non-threatening right now, but in the past there has been plenty of evidence of termites. That's why we're taking many safeguards to make sure termites do not infest the property in the future," says Dennis Pogue, director of preservation at Mount Vernon. The Sentricon System, uses a three-step process to rid structures of subterranean termites. The Sentricon System monitors for evidence of termites in the soil around a structure. When termites are discovered, the Sentricon System uses the biology and natural behavior of termites along with a unique bait, deadly to termites, to eliminate the colony. The bait is then removed and the Sentricon System (through service by trained professionals) continues to monitor for new colonies that might attack the structure in the future.

"One of the real benefits of the Sentricon System is that it's non-intrusive because the monitoring stations are placed outside the building in the ground. The buildings do not have to be disturbed by drilling through the foundation or digging up around the perimeter so that hundreds of gallons of diluted termiticide can be applied," says Pogue.

"It's also a very proactive system. Instead of waiting for the termites to cause damage to the building, the Sentricon System monitors for new termite colonies outside Mount Vernon before they ever have a chance to enter the building," he adds.

The Sentricon System was the first product approved under the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative. In 2000, it was awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award and is being used to protect historic properties across the country, including the Statue of Liberty, the White House, Independence Hall and the buildings in the French Quarter from the threat of termites.

Americans can be assured that one of their national treasures – Mount Vernon – is now effectively protected from invading termites.

The Sentricon System is available to property owners across the U.S. through authorized pest management companies. For names of local authorized companies, consult your local Yellow Pages or visit the locator at the top of this page.

Dow AgroSciences LLC, based in Indianapolis, is a global leader in providing pest management and biotechnology products that improve the quality and quantity of the earth's food supply and contribute to the safety, health and quality of life of the world's growing population. Dow AgroSciences is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company.

The Sentricon System is approved for use by the U.S. EPA and most state regulatory agencies. Plus, the Department of Housing and Urban Development accepts the Sentricon System as a new construction treatment option for use as an alternative to liquid barrier treatments. In addition, the Sentricon System is now listed with the SBCCI.

To Whom It May Concern

 It is with great pleasure that I recommend Killum Pest Control as an outstanding pest control company.They treat you as a partner,and not just another client. I am proud to have Killum Pest Control as our service partner for over 7 years now.They treat us with respect,and really care about the service they provide.  Any time pest control issues come up, they are always very knowledgeable, and they are there to provide us with the answers we need. "